Timelapse Videos & GIFs


Below you’ll find links to my most recent cactus flower blooming compilation (which has been viewed a crazy 30 million times … many of those views on “borrowed” copies :D). You’ll also find some animated GIFs of a few of my favorite timelapses. These don’t have the quality of the my videos, but they’re small and load relatively quickly and play without you having to do anything

Please also follow me on Instagram where I typically post new timelapses every week during blooming season. I post videos to IG first as IG limits there resolution, which means I can crank out something without too much super detailed editing vs. what’s required for the high res versions I eventually post at YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. As you would guess, I’m EchinopsisFreak on Instagram (and on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo as well).

BTW … almost all my timelapses are available in resolutions up to 4K. I’m pleased to report they’ve been featured in displays at a number of botanic gardens, on TV and web programs, and have also been put to use by a number of advertisers (helping pay for my cacti/photography addiction). If your organization could use one or more of my timelapse videos in some fashion, please ping me via the contact page here at echinopsisfreak.com to discuss.

Here are three videos that are compilations of some of my favorite timelapses. Hope you enjoy!


Some additional animated GIFs … please do check out the videos at YouTube and Vimeo for the much higher quality.







Here’s a look at my “studio” … really a bathroom that ceases use for it’s traditional purposes for the 7 or so months a year my cacti are blooming. You’ll note that I had dueling timelapses filming the evening the image was taken. Why can’t my cacti just make life easier and pick different nights to bloom?

Deuling Timelapses